Stick to Simple Mischief-Stay away from social media fads

The country may be on lockdown, but people are still interacting online, and while it has its good sides (like talking to your cousin living in the U.S.) it still has some bad sides. Like social media addiction, but that even some of our parents have, so, what can we do?

Ever heard the phrase, ‘An idle mind is the Devil’s workshop’?

Well, that is true. Even if online school and homework and studies take up most of our time, if I had enough time to write this article, kids surely had time to make mischief. Maybe for you, mischief means hiding your mom’s clutch and then making her chase you around the house to give it back to her. Yes, that happens.

But, for others, mischief doesn’t mean innocent stuff like hiding her hairpins. There’s a malicious side to troublemaking. And it involves the making of a lot of trouble.

I’m pretty sure all of you have heard about Blue Whale. Yes, it’s the largest mammal on earth, but I’m not even talking about marine life.

The Blue Whale challenge was a viral app that may have had harmless tasks in the beginning of when you operated the app, but ended in the worst way possible. The tasks towards the end included drawing a whale on your arm with a knife, and the last task was suicide. My point is that however much work you load us with, the bad always weasels into the good.

You may have heard the name ‘Skullbreaker Challenge’ quite a few times in the last few months. It was a practical joke by two students in Spain which spiralled into a viral meme. The number of views was an astonishing 4.8 million. The meme turned into a servant of Satan as many people were heavily injured and some killed.

Now, the newest fad is known as Bois’ Locker Room. It was an Instagram group which freely talked about raping underage girls. A few days back the police picked a boy part of this group and he ratted on at least 20 other members of the group.

A class 12 student was the admin of the group and he was arrested.

All this teaches us a lesson. Not fall into mischief that could hurt someone or yourself. This is beyond mischief, it’s sick if you ask me — don’t think this is something that’s just for fun. Stay away from these apps and challenges. They could land you in serious trouble.

Originally published at on May 8, 2020.



A random nerd who reviews books and movies, and travels way too much.

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Agastya Sharma

A random nerd who reviews books and movies, and travels way too much.